Audit Management




CAPAware's Audit Management software is a cloud-based, enterprise level solution for managing audits at an affordable price. You will be able to quickly implemented Audit Management with minimal effort on your part - we do most of the work. Some highlights of CAPAware's Audit Management software are:

  • Reports, charts and data exports are built-in and included, allowing flexibility and quick delivery to management.
  • Email reminders and notifications take less time with automated canned content
  • With built in standards, there’s no need to look up elements or manually enter them
  • Time writing the final Audit Report is reduced as report content is pulled from the system into MS Word format
  • Review and approval of the Audit Report is routed and tracked online saving time and effort
  • Action taken on Audits and findings are clear as all actions are recorded in a timestamped history
  • Training for new users is minimal as it’s a simple designed tailored to fit the unique needs of client