Easy and Quick: Use CAPAware to quickly implement a low cost, easy to use Corrective Action process that satisfies the requirements of standards
Saves Time: Produce reports, analyze nonconformities, send out canned emails and find the status of corrective actions fast and easy
Reduces Costs: With CAPAware, a monthly fee covers backups, hardware, software and support services eliminating overhead and the hidden costs of software
Makes the Job Easier: From finding information for a particular customer, to creating a chart for the boss, CAPAware takes the stress out of managing problems
Fosters Collaboration: CAPAware facilitates getting on the same page with others to work on identifying and solving problems as a team 
Ensures Accountability: In CAPAware, responsibility is clear and visible to all eliminating confusion on who does what when
Facilitates Communication: Automatic email notification as well as standardized messages with personalized notes ensures all team members know what is happening with a problem, audit finding or nonconformity